Handcrafted Jewelry

handcrafted jewelry

A few years ago, a friend taught me how to make jewelry and ever since then I have been addicted. It is so much fun to bring together colors, textures, sizes, etc. of beads into one beautiful creation. I love being able to make something from scratch and be able to actually use what you’ve created! I have made many bracelets (such as the one above in the gloriously Photoshopped image–don’t worry, I have a normal one below. I just really felt like playing around with Photoshop!), earrings, necklaces, and rings. I spent an entire summer back in college collecting beads and stuff so now I have a whole jewelry-making collection, which is nice when I feel like breaking out my supplies and making something quick instead of running to the store to get supplies.

I introduced my mother to making jewelry so she has made a whole bunch of stuff too, some of which I still have in my collection. We have both made jewelry as gifts to friends and family for different occasions. I know a lot of people, especially including myself, who really appreciate a homemade gift. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce the jewelry-making topic on my blog and show you all some of the things I’ve made. I am planning on setting up an Etsy store to sell some of my jewelry. I will make sure to post when I have it all set up! Also, I may do a basic jewelry-making tutorial sometime soon.


Here are some of the pieces my mother has made (the last photo shows a set of pieces that go together):


If you like any of the pieces you see in this post, please visit my Etsy store when I get it up and running! (I’ll make an edit to this post to add the link as well as advertise my store in another post)




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