Holy cow, I’m so bad at blogging!

After a whole weekend of being sick {blehh} and doing almost nothing but reading my favorite blog {basically stalking her whole life}, I realized how little I’ve paid attention to this blog! I really want to keep up with it, and I realize the best blogs are the ones that update almost every day. Sometimes they don’t even update with a whole lot of stuff, just a nice photo and a quick blurb about their day! But I’ve been thinking of posts that I would do and most of them require a lot of photographing, baking, researching, etc, etc and frankly I don’t have a lot of time to do this now that school is in full force and it is my second-to-last semester. I figured maybe instead of posting huge well-thought-out posts every 2 months, I would post a little every day about something, whether it is a quick blurb about my life, something interesting I learned or read about, or a quick photo of something. Then, if I get time over the weekend or even during the week {rare} then I can gather up a bunch of pictures and recipes and whatnot about whatever it is I want to write about and then write a gigantic post about it. I think that sounds like a good idea, what do you think? 

To show you that I’ve truly been thinking about this blog and not leaving it to die after only 4 posts, I have a list of things I want to post about and I thought I would ramble off some of them here for you to expect in the {not so} near future.

  • Brie and apples panini recipe
  • My favorite YouTube gurus {mostly fashion and some comedy…just to give you an idea of who I get inspired by}
  • My favorite blogs {again, more inspiration}
  • My favorite TED talks {cause those are almost always an awesome learning experience}
  • Some engineering blogs I’ve found
  • A discussion on femininity in engineering and science {cause that’s always on my mind}
  • Fall fashion wish list {aka things I can’t afford}
  • Favorite “What Not To Wear” style rules {I watched a WNTW marathon over the summer}
  • DIY wood inkjet transfer
  • A review of “E=mc^2 the biography” {seriously, that’s a real book and it’s awesome}
  • On being an expert at something {which is awesome and very difficult to do}
  • A review of an awesome college how-to blogger that I found
  • My love-hate relationship with programming
  • How art is science and science is art {important to remember!}
  • Career fairs and job interviews – my experiences and some advice
  • How teaching makes you a better learner
  • Pumpkin spice chocolate chip cookies & muffins recipe {the cookies are award-winning!}

Okay, I think that’s all I have on my list so far. It’s quite overwhelming, considering I have not even thought about when I’ll even get to write any of these. Just know I’m always thinking about fun stuff to write about. Eventually I’ll get there.

Thanks for reading!


PS. Happy Fall, Y’all!




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