Free online courses…for FREE!

As you may or may not know, I am in my second year of graduate school. This may seem crazy to some people {“Why would you want to suffer through that?!?!”} but to me it has been a chance to take some more classes beyond the basic classes as an undergraduate. Also, I genuinely love to learn. I find it fun to learn new things, and for me that usually means learning about how things work. I also have a lot of interests in other areas {as you may have already deduced from my wide range of blog topics}, but it would be time consuming and expensive to get degrees in all of the areas I find interesting. That is where online learning comes into play!

Usually, if I am intrigued by something I would peruse YouTube for some enlightenment. YouTube can really serve as a great tool for learning {in most cases}. However, if you want something a little more “professional”, I stumbled on a website that has a TON of free online courses for you to take…FOR FREE! The site is called Open Culture and it says it has “750 free online courses from top universities”. If you scroll down the very large webpage, you can see all of the links to various sources {even YouTube videos} in several subject areas anywhere from Architecture, Philosophy, Economics, Engineering, Psychology, Mathematics, Physics, etc. I haven’t tested it out yet but I have opened some of the links and they seem legit. I will definitely post on some of the lectures I find interesting and worthwhile to listen to.

In addition to this site, I have perused Coursera in the past, which also hosts free online courses. However, with this site you have to sign up in advance and they have scheduled class times and assignments. It would be good for someone who is currently in school or has a lot of time on their hands to listen to the lectures and do the assignments. However, for someone who just wants to spend a bit of time learning about a subject they are interested in without having to make a huge commitment to it, a site like Open Culture would probably be better. Although I believe at Coursera you can sometimes earn certificates that prove you completed the course. I don’t know how much they really mean if anything, but at least you can have proof that you learned something, or stick it on your fridge?

I also know that MIT has “Open Courseware” where you can watch lectures, peruse assignments, download extra stuff, etc. For example, I found an Aircraft Systems Engineering MIT Open Courseware course through Open Culture that seems extremely interesting. I will try it out and let you know if these courses are worth trying.

Anyway, if you have fun learning or need to brush up on some stuff for a test or your job or whatever, I would recommend any of these types of websites for free online courses. If you try one out, please let me know how it went! I’d love to know whether these are “good” or not.

Thanks for reading!


Disclaimer: I am not being paid or endorsed by any of these companies. All statements made are my own opinion of the “product”. I am simply trying to promote learning using available online tools!


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