Daily Prompt: Non-Regional Diction, Yo

Before I begin what might be a very silly post, I just wanted to mention that I’ve been wanting to do one of these WordPress Daily Prompt/Weekly Prompt things since I started on here. I came very close to doing a bunch but never got the opportunity before the end of the day or week. However, this one sparked my interest and I felt compelled to do it. Just a bit of a back-story: I was born and raised on Long Island, NY and lived there until I left for college in the South. {in Florida to be exact, but in North Florida so it’s basically the “Deep South”. It’s totally different from what everyone else thinks of Florida: Disney, South Beach, etc} Moving there made me SUPER aware that I had an accent, which I didn’t know I had until I left LI! Also, now I live in South Carolina which is even MORE Southern! My LI/NY accent is pretty much gone by now, but every time I talk to my parents on the phone or go visit them, my accent comes back. So now I realize how different the Long Island/NY accent is from a Southern accent!

So now that you know a bit of my background, here’s my “Non-Regional Diction” post in two different Regional slangs: “Lawng Island” and “The Sayouth”. It’s a true story about my experiences pumping coolant out of my lab’s machine the other day {which was quite a disaster}.


Lawng Island

Yo, man! What’s good?! So, bro guess what happened to me tha otha day. I was at the lab, ya know just screwin around, and I was emptyin all tha coolant in tha machine, ya know like easy stuff right? WROANG! I put tha hose in tha thing…you know, tha thing! And I turned tha pump on and HOLY CRAPOLA it went everywhea! Seriously, it was a friggin nightmaya! It was mad gross, I’m telling ya! I had to go grab the friggin mop and it wouldn’t even mop it up all tha way! Ughhhhhh it was like tha worst day-a-ma-life. Ew, I can’t even. Like, seriously you gotta be kiddin me. So gross. The guy before me neva ran the damn thing with coolant so it was all separated and sh*t, and probably contaminated with all sortsa bacteria and junk. I think I might die, no seriously I’m infected with somethin fa real. And the shop was closin up so I had to wait until ta-DAY to finish pumpin all that crap outta thea and guess what again?! I finally got most of the sh*t out and then I found ANOTHA part of the thing that was filled with NASTY-ER friggin coolant!! Bro, I’m not even jokin, it was my worst nightmaya. So now I gotta find a friggin hose to rinse that part out like I did the rest and it’s gonna take me fa-EVAH! At least I won’t hafeta schlep that damn bucket of wawter back and forth likea friggin idiot. Aright, let’s go grab some cawfee at Dunkin Donuts and tawk about how my life is ruined!


The Sayouth

Hey, ya’ll! Oh ma GAWD, you would not ba-LIEVE what happened to me the other day! Ah was at the layab, you know just messin around and whatnowat, and I was fixin to empty all that coolant out that machine, yew kneow, and I figured should be easy-peasy right? WHOOOOEY! Weall, I put the hose in that thang and I turned on the puhmp and LAWD it went EVERYWHEAH! Whhhell, it was quite a mess, let me tell yew. Anywhay, let’s go down to the Chick-fil-A and grab some nice cold SWEET tea. Thank the LAWD for sweet tea!


So the moral of the story is, Long Islanders like to complain A LOT and Southerners just really are that laid back. And they do love their sweet tea! Because I grew up in the North, our “sweet” tea was sweetened iced tea manufactured with corn syrup. I used to drink that crap all the time. Once I moved down South, I tried sweet tea but it is just WAY too sweet for me! It’s like they mixed it half brewed tea and half sugar {which is probably not too far from the truth}. I do love Chick-fil-A’s unsweet tea with some of their fresh lemonade mixed in to add some sweetness. But I digress..

Obviously, I clearly over-exaggerated both regional slang/dialects.  No one entirely speaks like that but it is pretty close to normal, especially “Lawng Island”. I mean, I did grow up there and personally experience a lot of what went into that paragraph. If you don’t believe me, check out this hilarious video {made by YouTube user and comedian Thomas Dale} which is pretty accurate:

{Warning: Some explicit content and language!}

I’m not super close to the typical Southern slang/dialect just because I haven’t spent much time down here and basically just grabbed a few key phrases I’ve overheard in my time here. The “Southern” part is much shorter because of that, as well as the fact that Southerners seem to not like to complain as much as Northerners {or at least Long Islanders}. Maybe I’m wrong though..check this video: {by YouTube user AshleyReign1}

{Warning: Some explicit content and language!}

Anyway, I hope this was entertaining. I enjoyed writing it! I hope no one gets offended on either end, I was just trying to play up the typical language and slang used in each of these regions. It’s always fun to poke fun at yourself and since now I can consider myself both a Northerner and Southerner I am pretty much doing exactly that!

Thanks for reading!



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